Europa Casino Live Dealer Games

Times Sure Have Changed For The Better

Europa Casino Live Dealer GamesThe availability of online casinos is a pretty new phenomenon in the world of casino gambling, and it certainly was a huge step forward in bringing casino gambling from the age of just being available in a few select locations around the world to any location you want to play it at.

Those of us who were around in the old days, before online gambling started, can remember just how inconvenient all of this was. I used to have to drive almost 1000 miles to go to a casino, and I used to only be able to make the trip once a year. I sure had fun when I was there, staying usually a couple of weeks, but that made casino gambling a treat instead of an everyday occurrence.

There was also the expense of going, which is pretty significant to say the least, and even though I knew all the tricks to get my room and meals compensated by the casino, not a lot of people play big enough to be able to pull this off, and you can spend a whole lot of money before you even place your first bet. This may not leave you with much money to gamble with, which takes a lot of the fun out of things that’s for sure.

Those days are now long gone though, fortunately. Sure, people still go to Vegas and other gambling tourist destinations, but they go for the experience of it all, and are no longer forced to do it just for the right to gamble in a casino.

Now, thanks to great online sites such as Europa Casino, playing at a world class casino is only a few mouse clicks away, and with their mobile technology, you can now gamble literally anytime, anywhere, without incurring any costs of doing so. In fact, nowadays they pay you to play there, if you are in the know, and we put you in the know here with the bonuses we’ve arranged for you.

Some People Say It’s Not Quite The Same Though

I will admit that the experience of gambling online isn’t quite the same thing as playing at a live casino, and there’s no doubting that in fact. There are just some things that you can’t replicate online, the sounds and smells of the place, the great food and service, and so on, but all of this is really apart from the casino experience, and this is the vacation side of things we could say.

So we can’t expect that an online experience is going to be anything like staying at a first class hotel for instance, but that’s to be expected. If you crave a vacation you’re simply going to have to go on a vacation. If you crave the feel of a casino and the thrills gambling bring, then you can certainly have all you can handle right now online.

Up until recently, it’s all pretty much been simulated, and although places like Europa Casino have stunning graphics which make playing their casino games a pretty immersive experience, some players still yearn for the feel of a live casino, with real dealers, real cards, real roulette wheels, and so on. They have just figured that this was not realistic playing on a computer though.

There are some who also feel better about seeing the gambling take place on a physical level, for instance playing blackjack with a real deck of cards instead of just having a computer do its thing and display the cards on your computer screen. While this doesn’t really matter at all as long as you are playing at a completely trustworthy site like Europa, there have been situations at lesser trustworthy places where players have wondered whether the results are a true representation of real life or not.

Why Not Make Things Absolutely Real?

Live Dealer GamesEuropa Casino’s live games have now taken casino gambling to a whole new level and bring all the realism of live casino action right to your computer. Through a remote connection to their casino floor, you now can enjoy the ability to be dealt real casino games which are delivered to you through online video.

So if you’re playing blackjack for instance, you will have a spot at a real blackjack table, with a real human dealer dealing your hands to you with real cards. Not only is everything completely real, this also adds a nice human touch to the whole affair, and you are also playing live with other players at the same table of course.

This is as good as it gets really without actually being at a live casino, and you are actually at one in fact but remotely. You aren’t seated at the table physically, but this is as close as it will ever get without spending a ton of money to travel to a live casino.

This of course involves a lot of additional expense for Europa Casino to pull this off, but if it makes their players happy, and this definitely is very popular among many of their players, well that’s what they care about most, and they have figured out a way to be able to deliver all of this additional realism to us.

Blackjack, Roulette, Or Baccarat, You Choose

Europa Casino offers three very popular choices among the casino games that they roll out in this great live format, including live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat. They even offer live VIP roulette for higher rollers.

These games are all loads of fun and if you have never experienced live casino action before, you owe it to yourself to try all of this out and see the difference. There are many players who crave the fast action of computer simulated online gambling and that’s perfectly fine, but their live format does run pretty quickly as well and at the very least provides a very nice change from the usual format we play.

So give this all a try, and try all 3 different live games in fact. While you are doing so, you also owe it to yourself to collect the great deposit bonuses that I have lined up for you at Europa Casino, by using my bonus code TOPPER when you register with them. You’ll collect bonuses for a whole year in addition to all the other promotions they have for you.

Just click on the link to Europa Casino to get started and see just how real online gambling can truly be.